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We will meet to discuss your heart, vision and goals. Once these are clear, we we’ll consider the current state of ministry in contrast to your vision.


After considering vision and findings from research and observation, we will design a custom strategy for your ministry, that will facilitate the realization of your vision.


This is where the hard work get’s done. Once the vision has been cast, and strategy developed, we begin coaching, training and equipping your team to grow to the point of serving at their full potential.

Worship Survey and Report

Here, we function as “secret worshippers.” We’ll attend your services either in person or virtually. The entire experience will be viewed through the lens of your first time guests. Observations will be recorded, and synthesized into a comprehensive report that will give you insight into the actual/felt weekly experiences of your congregants. 




In the coaching space, we asses the gifts of your team members, then work to empower and equip them to serve at their highest potential. This will increase morale, ministry effectiveness and ultimately result in congregational growth. 



Worship Planning

One of the most important things we can do as leaders is be intentional about what we present to God and God’s people on a weekly basis. In order to guard against a haphazard worship flow, prayer and planning are beneficial. Effective worship planning requires malleability as guided by the Holy Spirit while considering all aspects of the worship experience, from the parking lot to the pulpit. At the end of your services, the desire is that congregants will have authentically worshipped, been inspired, educated,  challenged, and primed for living well. This occurs most, when there is a concise message threaded through the entire experience. This is offered as a training option as well as a recurring service. We offer Worship Planning packages, where we will plan your weekly services or special events/series. 

Training / Education

  • Conferences

  • Keynotes

  • Workshops

    • Choirs (age specific)

    • Praise Teams

    • Bands

    • Worship Arts Creative / Production Teams

    • Dance / Mime Teams

Intensives / Classes

  • Worship Planning

  • Post-Pandemic Music and Worship Ministry

  • Moving from Performance to Facilitation

  • Worship Arts Ministry Leadership and Administration

  • Technology and Worship Arts

  • Custom Training Plan (based on your needs)




  • Job Board 

    • Churches, we post your available jobs. 

    • Artists, we post your needs. 

  • Hiring Process (We will manage the entire process with you.)

    • Strategic Recruiting

    • Interviewing / Discernment

    • Hiring and Retention 

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